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Getting Started

How To Design, Print, & Press Ink Jet Transfers

Hi friend! You are in the right place if you are looking to start using Ink Jet Transfers to make personalized items with. The two videos below will walk you through both processes - designing your design and then printing and pressing it. 



Step 1: Designing & Printing

Step 2: Pressing Jet Pro SS

Written Instructions:

For Designing:

  1. Upload design into Silhouette Studio. Download the Free version of Silhouette Studio here
  2. Go to Page Setup, change size to letter, select "Show Print Border."
  3. Adjust your design to whatever size you'd like & add your text. Fill the color and line color to your text.
  4. If using Jet Pro SS (ink jet paper used for whites) flip your image horizontally. If using Jet Pro Opaque (for darks) skip this step.
  5. File, Print. Change your printer settings to "fine quality" or "photo quality" for the best results.


For Pressing Jet Pro SS:

  1. Loosely cut closely around your image with scissors. 
  2. Set your heat press temp to 380*. 
  3. Lint roll your shirt/whatever you are pressing. 
  4. Press for 5 seconds to remove moisture. 
  5. Put your design on fabric face down. Use press pillows if needed.
  6. Press for 30 seconds with heavy pressure.
  7. Peel the backing off once it has cooled ("cold peel"). 
  8. Put parchment paper on top of the shirt, then hover your press over image for 5 seconds. 
  9. Remove from heat press. Stretch the fabric up & down, left & right while it’s still hot.
  10. Repeat step 8. 
  11. Peel the parchment paper off hot or cold.

Transfer Paper for Darks

For printing: Do not mirror image. 

For Pressing 3G Jet Opaque:

  1. Cut around background with scissors or use Print & Cut to cut around image.
  2. Set your heat press temp to 380*.
  3. Press shirt for 5 seconds to remove moisture.
  4. Remove backing from transfer paper away from heat.
  5. Put your design on fabric face up. Put a piece of parchment paper on top. Use press pillows if needed.
  6. Press for 30 seconds with heavy pressure. OR press for 15 seconds, cool, then press for another 15 seconds if using a really dark shirt.  


Care Instructions:

  • Cold cycle
  • Turn inside out
  • No fabric softener
  • Hang to dry immediately (don't leave sitting in the washing machine)
  • Some use Color Catcher the first few washes
  • If you need to iron, turn inside out