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Personalized Valentine's Day Goodie Bags


These sweet Tic-Tac-Toe Goodie Bags make the perfect gift for Valentine's Day! 

Get these two designs here. You can check out other Valentine's Day designs here

This step by step is for ink jet transfers using Silhouette Studio.

 Materials Needed:

  • Drawstring bags (The ones I used from Hobby Lobby are no longer available) any of these cotton ones from Amazon.
  • ink jet transfer paper for whites (Jet Pro SS or Red Grid)
  • M&M candy (or any other varied color candy or do-dads) 
  • ink jet printer
  • heat press
  • Silhouette Studio or any other photo editing software 

    Step by Step Instructions:

    1. Upload your design to Silhouette Studio (or any other photo editing software.)

    2. If you'd like to personalize the goodie bags, type out the names you'd like. I used the font GelDotica Lower Case from dafont.com. 

    3. Measure the dimensions of your drawstring bag. Make the dimensions of your full design fit the size you want. 

    4. "Mirror" or "Flip Horizontal" the design so the design is backwards.

    5. Go to File->Print. Be sure your settings are set for Best Quality, or Photo Quality.

    6. Cut around the design by hand.


    7. Turn on heat press and set temp to 380 degrees. 

    8. Press the moisture our of the drawstrings bags for a few seconds. I placed the bags on the side of my heat press so that the string part hung off. That way the upraised part where the string is didn't keep the heat press from touching the designs evenly.

    9. Place your printed design face down on the bag.

    10. Cover with a Teflon sheet and press for 30 seconds.

    11. Remove the bags from the heat press. Wait for a minute or 2 before the paper has cooled, then peel off the backing. 

    12. Place back on the heat press. Cover with a piece of parchment paper, then a piece a Teflon sheet. Press for 5 seconds. 

    13. Stretch the design as best you can while still hot (material may not be super stretchy, but it's still a good practice.) I did so by placing my hand inside and stretching my fingers. 

    14. Repeat step 12. 

    15. Put your favorite colored candy inside and give to someone you love!

     Here's another cute option made by Gabi! These bags are also from Hobby Lobby.

    If you have any questions or would like to show off what you've created, just leave a comment below:)

    Happy Valentine's Day Friends!


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